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A Fully Responsive Content Management System

The Platform

Search Engine Optimized tools



SEO Optimized tools

The Brilliant Platform CMS (Content Management System) is designed with SEO in mind. Our CMS makes it easy for anyone to enhance their website with easy to use and powerful SEO tools. Our SEO tools allow you to easily add and change your Meta Title and Meta Description. It also allows you to add your own links, images and descriptions for each. Each of these elements is crucial for SEO and assists you in ranking higher in all search engines.

Responsive Real Estate Website Design

Fully Responsive Elements

The Brilliant Platform offers Responsive Web Design (RWD) at no extra cost! We understand that the times are changing and it is now more important than ever to ensure that your website is fully (and easily) accessible on any device with any screen size. This is why we have fully integrated RWD into each and every website we create to make your website stand out amongst the rest—regardless of screen size!

Please Note: RWD is NOT the same as a mobile website. Check out this blog for more information about Responsive Web Design.

Custom IDX search integration



Custom IDX Search

The Brilliant Platform offers a Custom IDX Search that provides your clients with a better experience when searching for properties on your website. One of our enhanced features in the Custom IDX Search is the selector component that allows searches to become more precise and tailored to your client’s unique needs and desires. Our Custom IDX Search also fits in with the style of your website, so it is sleek, easy to use and simple.

Integrated Lead Generation

Integrated Lead Generation

We purposely build each website in a way that encourages your potential clients to interact by entering their name, email and properties they want to look into. This information turns into a lead for you. The Brilliant Platform has a sophisticated Lead Generation monitor built into the Admin system that enables you to see what each lead is doing on your site. This means that you see the pages that they are on, how long they stay on those pages, the searches they save and the properties they are interested in. The Lead Generation system also gives each lead a “score” based on their perceived importance so you can properly prioritize the leads you contact.


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